The lone fatality out of a motor vehicle collision between a Knutsford Express bus and a sports utility vehicle (SUV) in Trelawny on Thursday afternoon has so far been identified as a female.

However, no clear information on the woman’s identity has so far been made available.

She is, however, believed to be from Trelawny.

The collision occurred on the Rio Bueno main road.

Reports from the Constabulary Communication Unit (CCU), the police’s information arm, are that the crash took place at about 4:00 p.m., and the sole occupant of the SUV was trapped in the vehicle, which caught fire and was burnt to a shell with the occupant inside.

The highway had to be closed for hours, with traffic being diverted to the old road through the town of Rio Bueno.

Reports indicate that the bus was traveling towards St Ann and the SUV in the opposite direction, when the collision occurred along the main roadway.

A number of passengers travelling in the bus received multiple injuries, and were rushed to the Falmouth Hospital.


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