A real estate agent, who shot and injured a security guard yesterday at an apartment complex in the vicinity of Braemar Avenue in St. Andrew, is expected to give a statement to the Police today.

Nationwide News understands the real estate agent has hired attorney, Christopher Townsend, as he moves to clear his name of any alleged wrongdoing.

It’s understood that a dispute about the non-payment of maintenance fees at the apartment complex sparked the altercation.

A video of the incident has gone viral on several social media platforms.

The video shows the real estate agent approaching a parked motor vehicle when he was shoved from behind by the security guard. It seemed the security guard was reaching for the agent’s licensed firearm.

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The agent fell to the ground and the security guard fell on top of him. Both men engaged in a scuffle. The security guard who appeared to initiate the altercation was not in uniform.

Several uniformed security guards intervened and appeared to have made an attempt to separate both men.

During the scuffle, the real estate agent drew the firearm from his waist and shot the security guard who had attacked him.

The agent discharged his firearm while he was on his back and pinned to the floor.

The security guard is reportedly in hospital receiving treatment. He was shot in the upper region of his body but managed to walk away from the scene.

It’s not expected that the real estate agent will face criminal charges because he’s not being viewed as the aggressor.

The real estate agent is reportedly alleging that he discharged his firearm in self-defense.

The incident took place at approximately 7:30 last evening.

Another recording, which has also been widely circulated on whatsapp, shows the aftermath of the shooting incident.

The video shows the agent being restrained and shoved to the ground by several King Alarm guards.

The agent was handcuffed.

While handcuffed and lying on the ground, a female in a King Alarm uniform appeared to stomp on the agent’s head.

A male in a King Alarm uniform then slapped him in the face.

The agent was reportedly carried to the hospital last night. He was treated and released.


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